Jack's 5th Birthday Party

Jack chose a Planet theme for his birthday party this year.  As I mentioned in this post, he learned all about the planets at school and he was really excited about them.  Admittedly, as his party got closer he came up with a few other party theme ideas (Super Hero, Ninja Turtle, etc), but we stuck with his original idea and I'm glad we did.  Some party details:

Sun (Capri Suns) and Moon (Blue Moon) drink station

I made planet coloring books for the kids
The Jacks

Sweet Mia reading Jack's cards for him

Lily & Charlie wrestling with Daddy

The kids actually started using their new coloring books - successful favor!

Silly faces: Charlie, Jack, Reghan, Hayden, Addi, Lily and Mia

 Lately most of our parties have involved the kids getting into the costumes at some point.  So fun!!

The Super Heroes!  Hayden, Addi, Nathan, Ethan, Lily, Mia, Charlie, Jack and Reghan

Jack had a great time at his party with all of our neighbors, friends and family.  A great birthday party!

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