Jack's Dentist & Doctor Visits

Jack had a big week back in early September - he had his first dentist visit AND had his three year check-up.  His dentist visit went pretty well.  He's lucky because his grandma is a dental assistant, so she was the one cleaning his teeth.  He was excited leading up to the appointment and wanted to play with all the tools when we got there.  But when it was go time, he clammed up a little.  I got him to lay on top of me after I sat in the chair, which was kind of odd, but it worked.  He opened wide while grandma cleaned, polished and flossed his teeth.  He was not interested in letting the dentist look in his mouth, so that minute was a little rough, but all in all he did great!

Charlie had gone to a pediatric dentist the week before after he took a tumble in the Cozy Coupe and I was nervous about his teeth.  Everything checked out fine, but Charlie got a blow-up sword from his visit, so Jack expected something similar from his first appointment.  Since I knew our dentist's treasure chest consisted of stickers and erasers and other small trinkets, I made a quick stop at the dollar store and got him a sword as his reward.  He earned it and he was pleased.

A couple days later we did a joint check-up at the pediatrician for Charlie and Jack.  Luckily Grandma Lang came with us - not sure I could have had any meaningful conversations with the doctor without her there helping with the boys!

Jack passed his check-up with flying colors.  The doctor told me a few of the things he's doing are 4 year old skills, so he's cruising right along.

At three years old, Jack weighs 37 lbs (90th%) and is 40" tall (91.5%).  He didn't have to get any shots this time (off the hook until age 5) so he was a happy camper.

Charlie at 1 Year

I already posted about Charlie's big birthday bash, but I wanted to give some highlights about our little man at the one-year mark...
The big highlight is his refined walking skills - the guy is moving around great now!  At his first birthday he has stopped crawling altogether for the most part.  He thinks he's a big shot too, that's for sure!
He sprouted several new teeth in his twelfth month - he now has all four on top and bottom, along with two of his molars.  Those puppies were a little painful when they were coming in, so we're not looking forward to the arrival of the remaining molars.
Charlie had  his one-year check-up and the doctor said he was right on track with his development except for one thing: pointing.  He should be pointing by now but so far I've only witnessed him pointing with a fist.  Something to work on, I suppose.  He's still on high end of the chart for size: 24 lbs, 12 oz (89.7%), 31.5" long (95%) and still has a large head at 19.76" (off the charts).  He had to get two shots and also got blood drawn to test for anemia (routine at one year), which was not fun.
Within a couple weeks of his birthday we cut out the bottles completely and Charlie now drinks his whole milk out of a sippy cup.  He likes it, but not nearly as much as Jack, who would drink a gallon of milk a day if we allowed it.

Charlie loves to dance when he hears music:
Here is the completed collage of monthly pictures.  Sigh...

Catch-Up Time

I've been MIA from the blogging world because life is just plain crazy right now.  I recently took a new job - same company, different role - and it has taken over all of my spare time.  It's not going to be a crazy-demanding job once I get up to speed, but right now I'm in the learning phase and I feel like I can't keep up. Therefore, all of my spare waking moments have been spent working, not blogging (or doing laundry, or watching TV or or or).

My goal is to catch up over the next couple of days with the following posts so I'll be ready to go for a Halloween post:
Charlie at 1 Year
Jack's 1st Dentist Visit & 3 Year Check-Up
Professional Photos
Trip to Rochester

Here goes....


Jack Quote

OK, so I realize I'm WAY behind on many posts, but for now all I can do is an awesome quote from Jack the other day...

Jack: Did you just hear me toot?
Mommy: Was that a toot?  What do you say?
Jack:  Well, when you burp you say 'excuse me,' when you toot someone asks you if you need to go poop.

Man, I love this kid.