Back-tracking a little, but on Labor Day weekend, we planned Jack's first camping trip.  We arranged for Charlie to stay with Grandma and Grandpa and our friends did the same so we could take all the big kids camping.  Of course the weather didn't cooperate and it stormed off and on all weekend.  We hated to cancel the trip completely, so instead we did some pseudo camping at the Ashers' house.

They set up a tent in their garage, we roasted hot dogs and s'mores in a fire pit and the kids brought their sleeping bags.  It was a really fun night, and was a nice way to ease into camping.

 We attempted to recreate a Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil photo that their daddies took years ago.  We'll try again another day.
 When the sun finally came out, there was a huge rainbow in the sky!
 We got lots of baseball time in.
 Addison & Reghan

S'mores time!

 Wind-down time.  Jack got this cool Buzz sleeping bag for his birthday.

We ended up taking Jack back home after the kids watched a whole movie and were still fighting sleep; another bonus of living around the corner from our closest friends!

3 Year & 1 Year Pictures

Back in September we tried out a new photographer that I found via Groupon, Smile 4 Me Designs.  The boys took some time to warm up then she got a few cute ones.  Here are the favorites: