Crises Averted

Well, they've fixed everything we've noticed so far. They removed the wall, they delivered our correct windows (the Andersen ones):
And they cut a hole for the window in bedroom #2:
Phew! At least those things weren't so hard to correct. They've now cut the holes for our vents, delivered the fun acrylic block window for the master bathroom:

and they built the wall for the kitchen. That front lower part will eventually be a breakfast bar, and the big curved wall near where Jason is standing does not go to the ceiling, so there's an open feel to the kitchen. Love it!
The best part about last night's visit was that we didn't find ANYTHING wrong!! Lucky Lucas Homes will not be getting a call from us today!


Ups & Downs

Well, the good news is they put plywood on our roof, so for the most part we're under cover. Phew! Just in time for the thunderstorms that are in our forecast for the rest of the week. This is a picture of the back - not sure what the little hole in the roof is - I think they must have gotten tired and just couldn't bring themselves to cut that one last board. Funny.

The bad news is, I realized tonight that they didn't cut a hole for a window for bedroom #2. I suppose they thought we'd want our future children to live in a dungeon - no sense in letting natural light in. We have to call them tomorrow and tell them, and again I'm sure it will be no problem for them to add the window, but seriously....I'm starting to wonder how people do this from out of town. You pretty much have to go out daily in case anything is messed up! Maybe now this will be the last problem?!? I'm not holding my breath.


We've found a few mistakes at our house. This weekend we noticed an interior wall/doorway that wasn't supposed to be there. We called them and they said it was not a big deal to take it out. We were relieved last night when we saw this (right):

We also noticed last night that they've delivered our windows, which was really exciting until we saw that they are the wrong ones!! We upgraded to Andersen windows and they delivered the standard Pennco windows. We've got to call today to straighten that one out. So far at least they've been easy fixes. Hopefully that's how all of the problems are in this process - or better yet, hopefully that's the last of our problems!
In brighter news, we now have roof tresses! I'm telling you, they are speedy!!



They made a lot of progress yesterday, so we now have a place to park our cars (top left), a future spot for our basement steps (right) and a master bedroom (bottom left). They've actually framed all of the interior walls except for the kitchen. It's coming along nicely. Unfortunately we have no roof and it's been raining off & on today. I got a little (ok, a lot!) wet whilst capturing the awe-inspiring photos below.


Abracadabra! It's a house!

Remember our last house post? When we were excited about a gravel driveway? My how times have changed!! We went out there last Saturday and they had delivered loads & loads of wood, and when we returned last night we have a house!! We're all ready to move in. OK, maybe not yet, but at least it's more exciting than looking at a big hole in the ground! They've built all the outside walls (except for the garage) and laid the sub floor. We only had one almost mishap - while wandering around excitedly in our new abode I stepped right where our basement steps will be in the future and nearly fell through the subfloor. Whoops - no support under those skinny boards! That could have been disastrous. Anyway, I think next is framing the inside walls, which hopefully they worked on today. The fun has begun!

After we left our house last night, we stopped by Jason's sister & brother-in-law's new house. We're still ahead of them, but only slightly. They had 1/2 of a subfloor as of last night. The pressure's on Lucas Homes, let's see some speedy construction here!

While we were visiting with them, Mia (our adorable 14-month old niece) invented a new game. She walked up to each of the 6 big people and made us shake her hand - um, and she did that like 5 times. What a goofball! She's so entertaining!

Jason was feeling so celebratory about the house, he ended the evening with a night cap....in bed. I'm so proud.

Here's the link to the rest of the house pictures:


Our Morning

Maggie was very nice to her grandpa this morning and left him a few doggie presents on his favorite couch. And by presents I mean cute little brown smelly things. Lucky Grandpa. I think we're going back to square one with potty training her - she's not quite used to her new set-up yet.


Alumni event

I had a PwC alumni event tonight that was really cool. It was dinner and cocktails at the Cardinals Club at Busch Stadium and included a stadium tour. We went to the press box, onto the field and into the Cardinals' dugout and bullpin. Pretty cool! Little known fact about Mike Shannon: he sits on an exercise ball throughout the whole broadcast. Apparently something about his back? See picture to the right of Theresa demonstrating. Doesn't seem very comfortable to me, that's for sure!

Luckily the Cardinals were out of town because tonight's game would have been very painful to watch in person!



We just got back from checking out the house, and the latest addition is the gravel driveway. Eventually the driveway will be exposed aggregate, but the gravel driveway is a good start. Now they can back their trucks in there to drop off the wood and start the framing. Baby steps...


I did some research and was able to find our kitchen colors online, so I thought I'd share them. You'll have to use your imagination to picture them together, but here goes...

Kitchen floor

Kitchen cabinets:
Kitchen countertops:

Celeb Sighting

We went to the Cardinals' game Friday night (thanks Steve & Shea!) and sat 3 rows behind Rob Reiner. With a little bit of stalking action, I got this nice profile shot. Unfortunately, that was the only excitement at the game as the Cards lost 10-4. The Cubs are officially ahead of us in the standings, which is never a good thing.


Busy Weekend

We have a minor update on the house, but no new pictures. Mert tells us they laid the sewer lines (I guess that's the right term?) last week. We're hoping this week that they'll start building the frame - I'm told that's the next step.

We had a busy weekend. Jason had a "perfect" weekend which of course means golf on both days. I was busy with Alison's bachelorette party & bridal shower, both of which were fabulous & lots of fun! We also had our nephew Taylor's 13th birthday party on Saturday. He's officially a teenie-bopper! My cousins will appreciate that term - Grandpa Lang used to say it to each of us on our 13th birthdays, and we were so embarrassed by it. Oh, the memories!

Hopefully we'll have another house update soon!