Abracadabra! It's a house!

Remember our last house post? When we were excited about a gravel driveway? My how times have changed!! We went out there last Saturday and they had delivered loads & loads of wood, and when we returned last night we have a house!! We're all ready to move in. OK, maybe not yet, but at least it's more exciting than looking at a big hole in the ground! They've built all the outside walls (except for the garage) and laid the sub floor. We only had one almost mishap - while wandering around excitedly in our new abode I stepped right where our basement steps will be in the future and nearly fell through the subfloor. Whoops - no support under those skinny boards! That could have been disastrous. Anyway, I think next is framing the inside walls, which hopefully they worked on today. The fun has begun!

After we left our house last night, we stopped by Jason's sister & brother-in-law's new house. We're still ahead of them, but only slightly. They had 1/2 of a subfloor as of last night. The pressure's on Lucas Homes, let's see some speedy construction here!

While we were visiting with them, Mia (our adorable 14-month old niece) invented a new game. She walked up to each of the 6 big people and made us shake her hand - um, and she did that like 5 times. What a goofball! She's so entertaining!

Jason was feeling so celebratory about the house, he ended the evening with a night cap....in bed. I'm so proud.

Here's the link to the rest of the house pictures:

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