Turf Perfect is going full time!!!

As most of you know, Jason started his own business late last summer. As it turns out, the business has grown to the point where he will be stepping away from his full time job at Anheuser Busch in order to focus solely on lawn care & landscaping. His last official day will be Friday, April 10th, although he'll most likely continue on a part time basis through the end of the month as they attempt to find a replacement.

(!!!Shameless plug Alert!!!) If you or anyone you know has lawn care or landscaping needs, Jason would love for you to consider Turf Perfect.

Jason Clayton


Halfway There!

I am officially 20 weeks along as of today, which is halfway. I feel great! My belly is continuing to grow and we're going to look at furniture for the nursery Sunday. I bought the paint for the walls, so I just need to find the time to get the paint on the walls. Things are coming along!

Here is a new belly picture - thanks to my photographer Melissa!!

Pictures from Ultrasound 4

At long last, here are the three pictures we got last week at our ultrasound:


Ultrasound #4

We had our "big" ultrasound Monday where they do all the tests and measurements. Everything went well, except the technician couldn't do certain measurements on the heart or face because of the baby's position. We'll have those tests done next time we go on April 20th - they say this is common.

Anyway, the baby currently weighs 9 ounces and is head down, which doesn't mean much since there is so much time left. My due date registered as August 11 this time, but since the other three ultrasounds said August 13, August 14 and August 13, my doctor finalized the due date as August 13.

The heartbeat is 154, which the doctor says is "still a chick heartbeat."

We got a few new pictures, but they are close-ups of the legs, arms and spine. I will add them to this post as soon as I can get them scanned in.

I am 19 weeks tomorrow, so it's probably time for another belly picture. Hopefully this weekend.


In Between

I feel like I am completely in between right now. I am down to two pairs of work pants and zero jeans that fit me. My sweaters still fit for the most part, but when we had that touch of spring last weekend and early this week, I discovered that very few of my regular shirts fit me. I bought quite a few maternity shirts last weekend, but I feel funny wearing them - like I'm a barely pregnant woman wearing big maternity clothes. But what other option is there? I'd rather wear roomy clothes than try to squeeze into regular ones and be uncomfortable all day. What a conundrum!
My big ultrasound is Monday - I'll post Monday night or Tuesday.


Belly - 17 Weeks

I decided it's time to start the belly pictures. It's still pretty small, but it is an undeniably pregnant belly now, so let the photos begin.


AFP Test

I just realized I never posted a follow-up to Ultrasound #3b regarding the results of my blood test, which I later discovered is called an AFP (alphafetaprotein) screening test. The test came back negative! No Down's syndrome or Spinal Bifida for Fletch.



Baby Bedding!

I've been kind of 1/2 looking for baby bedding, and last weekend I came across a set that I fell in love with. Unfortunately (or fortunately, I guess) it was on clearance, so I had to scoop it up right away. I ended up finding several more matching (unused) pieces on ebay too. It all arrived late last week and I LOVE it!!! Here's the picture of it from Target's website. I think I'll be doing a similar wall color as is in the picture, but my furniture will be dark wood.