Happy Halloween!

Here's our little fisherman:Maggie displays the rest of Jack's costume:
We went to the Minchers' house to attempt to take pictures of the kids together. Of course 3 toddlers don't cooperate very well so we had to get the mommies involved.

Jack & me, Addi and Melissa and Nathan and Renee:
We went trick or treating with Addi to about 2 houses, then we went over to see Jason's family and to wish Darlene a happy birthday!

Here is Jack with his cousins (Lily, the cat; Mia = Cinderella and Paige the mummy) - again not the easiest getting a good picture with this crew:As we watched the trick-or-treaters at Grandma & Grandpa's house, Jack did his best impersonation of his daddy: fisherman cutting the lawn...
Jack trying out his loot. Yes, it is a Kit Kat with the wrapper on. Yum! He gave up after a few minutes.
We also went to a pumpkin patch last weekend with Todd, Cyndi, Mia and Lily - it was the same one we went to last year, but this year Jack actually got to participate. Lots of fun stuff to do there!!

Mia, Jack & Lily
Fun in the tire swing - look closely at Jack's expression. LOVED it!
Also loved going down the slide with Mia:
Mommy & Jack
Jack & Lily in the corn box



Big game tonight for my alma mater. Go Tigers!!


Busy Week!

Our week started out with meeting our newest friend, Maci. Isn't she pretty??We had a nice visit with Lisa, Ella and Maci, and Jack and Ella played in Ella's trampoline!
Yesterday we went to Reghan's 1st birthday party, and it was a costume party! Jack looked quite snazzy in his little fisherman costume.
Birthday girl about to dig into her cupcake:
Jason, Jack, Sloan, Addison and Zoey:
Jack was belly laughing every time Steve put on his fisherman hat - it was a riot:
Today we went to Eckert's farm with Grandma Lang and Melissa, Addi and Addi's Grandma & Grandpa. We had a nice time - it was a beautiful day to spend outside! There were animals to pet (and ride!), apples and pumpkins to pick and just generally a lot of exploring to do!Grandma showing Jack a yucky apple (a LOT of them were yucky - we picked a bad time to go or a bad row to walk down or something...)Putting an apple in his bag:
Not sure what this sign means, but it had his name on it, so I had to take a picture!Melissa & Addi petting a camel:
First pony ride!

Tonight I finally got out my Halloween/fall decorations, and Jack was having serious conversations with my scarecrows. I think he was telling them the house rules.
Then he insisted on sweeping for me. Such a big help!


Kelly & Greg's Wedding

This weekend we traveled to Rochester, NY for my sister's wedding. It was a small wedding (23 of us in total) and it was perfect!! The weather was sunny and ideal for their ceremony on the rooftop of a boat, followed by a nice cruise on the Genesee River. Then we had appetizers and cocktails at their house and a nice dinner reception at Good Luck Restaurant. We topped it off with dancing the night away.

Jack did great on our four flights (2 each way - no direct flights anywhere from St. Louis these days!!) - at least as great as can be expected from an energetic toddler. We had an awesome time!!


Battle Wounds

Jack suffered his first scrapes today. We went to our friend Zoey's 1st birthday party at a park, and Jack took a little spill while walking on the sidewalk. Poor little guy:
He'll be fine, but he sure looks pathetic, no?

The rest of the party was fun - there was a nice big playground, and Jack had a fun time with Dave, who is always a HUGE hit with the kiddos.
Last night, Jack had a fun play date with all his girl cousins and Addison. Our play room looked like a tornado came through, but I suppose that's a sign of the good times that were had!
Paige & Jack:
Addison & Lily - these two are going to be classmates some day:
Today Jason was doing yard work, and Jack was just pining away for him at the window - too cute!
Then Daddy came to say hi!