Happy Halloween!

Here's our little fisherman:Maggie displays the rest of Jack's costume:
We went to the Minchers' house to attempt to take pictures of the kids together. Of course 3 toddlers don't cooperate very well so we had to get the mommies involved.

Jack & me, Addi and Melissa and Nathan and Renee:
We went trick or treating with Addi to about 2 houses, then we went over to see Jason's family and to wish Darlene a happy birthday!

Here is Jack with his cousins (Lily, the cat; Mia = Cinderella and Paige the mummy) - again not the easiest getting a good picture with this crew:As we watched the trick-or-treaters at Grandma & Grandpa's house, Jack did his best impersonation of his daddy: fisherman cutting the lawn...
Jack trying out his loot. Yes, it is a Kit Kat with the wrapper on. Yum! He gave up after a few minutes.
We also went to a pumpkin patch last weekend with Todd, Cyndi, Mia and Lily - it was the same one we went to last year, but this year Jack actually got to participate. Lots of fun stuff to do there!!

Mia, Jack & Lily
Fun in the tire swing - look closely at Jack's expression. LOVED it!
Also loved going down the slide with Mia:
Mommy & Jack
Jack & Lily in the corn box

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