Jason & I went to Kansas City yesterday to cheer our Tigers on to a HUGE victory over the previously-undefeated KU Jayhawks. We are now #1 for the first time in 47 years! We had a fun time - we didn't have tickets (they were VERY expensive by the time we decided to go), but we went and tailgated. Just before game time, we went to defrost and watch the game at the local Buffalo Wild Wings. The place was packed, and it was mostly MU fans, which of course made us happy. It was a fun night!

Cyndi & I did our annual shopping spree on Friday with 8 full hours of shop 'til you drop! It was a successful day for both of us, but as always, I ended up buying several things for myself. As long as there are at least some Christmas gifts mixed in, I don't feel so bad.

Thanksgiving was nice - we decided to forgo one of my family's feasts, so it was a lot less rushed than our normal holidays. Cramming 3 visits in one day is just too much.

As for my painting project - it's running a little behind. I bought a quart of paint to try out the color, so I painted as much as the quart would allow, which is about 1/2 of one wall. I like the color, so now I just need to finish the job. That is tomorrow's project, then it's back to work on Tuesday.


Clayton Family Fun Weekend

We spent the weekend at Jason's parents' farm, as we do every year on the weekend before Thanksgiving. We had a nice time. Jason shot a doe, so we have enough deer meat to last us until next year! It was a little bit snug in the house this year, since there are 6 adults, 3 kids & 2 dogs, but we managed.

We got back last night and decided on a whim to go buy a new TV for our bedroom. The TV we had in there was a 19" TV that dates back to late high school for me. Since we've moved in, it has been a pain - for example, turning the volume down turns the TV off. So, needless to say, we needed a new one anyway. We bought a 37" flat panel LCD. It looks so big compared to our 19"! We also bought a surround sound system that was super cheap because it was the display model.

I have to go in to work today to help teach training from 11:00 - 1:30, but after that I am off until next Tuesday! I'm looking forward to the days off, and hope to get a lot accomplished around the house, especially painting the living room. We'll see...



If you know how to finish that sentence, you probably also know that the Tigers are ranked #5 in the nation! We had a "tailgate party" Saturday to watch them beat Texas A&M. We started at 8:30am, which made for a very long day of beers & food. I took a few pictures, but they are of our youngest guests of the day, our niece Mia and my friends Angie & Eric's son Dylan:
It was funny, Mia thought she needed to squat down to "talk" to Dylan - like she's so much bigger than him. She's such a nut - can you tell I have baby fever? If not, check out the focus of my last few blogs. Oops.

Anyway, I plan to post a couple pics of the new living room furniture one of these nights, but tonight we went to a nice thank you dinner for my work. It was fun, and we were all presented with hats that were "fitting" to us via a very funny presentation by our boss Jason. Here's a picture of my whole group wearing our newly-presented hats. We had a great time.


Halloween & Furniture

At Rebecca's request, I'm posting a Halloween entry. Jason was stuck at work, so I went over to Cyndi & Todd's to see Mia. She was an adorable 50s girl:I love her expression in this picture. It was fun watching her - she caught on pretty quickly to the trick or treating and just loved looking at all the other kids.

Also, we finally found some furniture!! Rothman had a big sale, and we bought a sofa set (sofa, love seat, chair and 1/2 and ottoman), which is arriving sometime next week. We also bought the leather chairs & ottomans for our hearth room:
They're kind of big for the space, but big also means more comfortable, so I think they'll be good. It will help when there's a plasma tv over the fireplace and pictures and paint on the walls.

We also found some fun decorative pieces at Rothman, which I put on the plant shelf in our bedroom. They look great, but I clearly need to buy a lot more for up there so I can spread the two matchy things out. These things take time.