If you know how to finish that sentence, you probably also know that the Tigers are ranked #5 in the nation! We had a "tailgate party" Saturday to watch them beat Texas A&M. We started at 8:30am, which made for a very long day of beers & food. I took a few pictures, but they are of our youngest guests of the day, our niece Mia and my friends Angie & Eric's son Dylan:
It was funny, Mia thought she needed to squat down to "talk" to Dylan - like she's so much bigger than him. She's such a nut - can you tell I have baby fever? If not, check out the focus of my last few blogs. Oops.

Anyway, I plan to post a couple pics of the new living room furniture one of these nights, but tonight we went to a nice thank you dinner for my work. It was fun, and we were all presented with hats that were "fitting" to us via a very funny presentation by our boss Jason. Here's a picture of my whole group wearing our newly-presented hats. We had a great time.

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