Halloween & Furniture

At Rebecca's request, I'm posting a Halloween entry. Jason was stuck at work, so I went over to Cyndi & Todd's to see Mia. She was an adorable 50s girl:I love her expression in this picture. It was fun watching her - she caught on pretty quickly to the trick or treating and just loved looking at all the other kids.

Also, we finally found some furniture!! Rothman had a big sale, and we bought a sofa set (sofa, love seat, chair and 1/2 and ottoman), which is arriving sometime next week. We also bought the leather chairs & ottomans for our hearth room:
They're kind of big for the space, but big also means more comfortable, so I think they'll be good. It will help when there's a plasma tv over the fireplace and pictures and paint on the walls.

We also found some fun decorative pieces at Rothman, which I put on the plant shelf in our bedroom. They look great, but I clearly need to buy a lot more for up there so I can spread the two matchy things out. These things take time.

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