All is right in Jack's world again. Daddy got home, and Jack was so excited to see him when he got up from his nap. He hasn't been fussy since! Apparently our little guy was missing his daddy. So glad he's feeling better!!

Sick Boy

Jack's had a bit of rough week. The week before last, he started coughing a little bit, then last weekend it got worse. Monday morning he woke up with vomit in his bed from coughing so much - the first time he's ever vomited!! Monday evening he had a low fever and Tuesday morning he woke up with a temperature of 101.8. We took him to the doctor that day and they said he had bronchitis. Luckily there's an antibiotic for that! Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty rough - just a fussy, irritable little guy, and he also refused to eat. Thursday day care said "he was his normal, happy self - you wouldn't know he's been sick." But then Thursday night he was up from 10:00pm until 2:00am, including more vomiting from coughing (all over Mommy this time)!! Wow - Friday was a sleepy day at work for Mommy and cranky day at Grandma & Grandpa's for Jack. I think he's feeling better now because he's started eating again, but all weekend he's still had quite a few bouts of fussiness. Just not his normal self yet!! Hopefully soon!

We're looking forward to Daddy getting back home from his boys' weekend in Springfield. Hopefully that will make the little man a bit happier too!


Fletch Lives!

The sequel to Fletch is in production!! Jack's going to be a big brother!

We had a check-up today and I'm 12 weeks along, tentatively due on September 6th (in my three appointments I've moved from September 13 to September 14 to now the 6th, so I'm not holding my breath yet on this new earlier date). Baby is doing great, and Mommy's doing pretty well too! I generally have bouts of nausea on my way home from work and for some or all of the evening, but nothing unbearable. I've vomited only once, and that was on a plane during a long day of travel home from Argentina, so can't entirely be blamed on pregnancy. My biggest complaint is how tired I am! Jack and I pretty much share a bedtime of 7:30 right now. Last week I had a conference call with Asia at 8:30pm and I literally had to set my alarm to wake back up to take the call. Yikes - that's pathetic!! I'm hoping I get my energy back in the next few weeks - I'm getting way behind on my shows!

My belly is already growing - much faster than last time! Depending on what I'm wearing, you can tell I'm starting to round out. Luckily I've avoided maternity clothes so far, but I have spent several days and nights with my pants unbuttoned. Only a matter of time before I make the big switch to elastic waistbands!

We have decided to be surprised once again by the gender (sorry Lisa!), and sticking with our Chevy Chase theme, this baby will henceforth be known as Sparky (until baby is born, at which time baby will receive a real name). Speaking of names, while we haven't even had a single discussion on that topic yet, when we do, I think we're going to keep that quiet this time - I had a few instances of negative responses to our names last time, which are unfortunately forever ingrained in my brain.

Here is Sparky as of today! Big already just like his/her brother!


18 Month Pictures

Jack turned 18 months this week, and we got his pictures taken on Saturday. He cooperated a little better than he did at 12 months (Jason and I didn't have to be in them with him, which is an improvement). There weren't a lot of smiles, but he did start to open up after awhile. The photographer already posted a sample on Facebook for us, so I'm sharing them here. I'm happy with them!

Such a big boy!!


Way Behind!!

This post is way behind - it's been 3 weeks since my last post, and a lot has happened in those 3 weeks. The biggest thing, and my main excuse for not posting, was my work trip. Last week I went to Pergamino, Argentina for 5 days to visit one of our plants. It was a great trip - I had never been there, and I got to meet a lot of people that I work with regularly on the phone and via email. We had a lot of good meetings. BUT it felt like I was gone for SO long - I was missing my little guy like crazy. I'm not sure if it's because I was so far away or what, but boy, I was homesick! Jason and Jack picked me up at the airport and I cried like a little baby when he ran up to me and gave me a big hug. A little embarrassing when the two people I traveled with (including my boss's boss) were there to witness it! Ah well.

Also, Jason bought a new boat! Several weeks ago, he was going fishing and the roads were slick with snow, which resulted in this:
Jason and his friend were uninjured, but it was a sad day in our household. Turns out the boat and trailer were totaled. SO Jason's been on the hunt for a new boat since that day and he found one yesterday, just in time for the warm weather we're supposed to get next week. All is right in his world again.

Let's see, what's new with Jack. Well, while I was gone, St. Louis got the crazy sleet/snow storm, which kept Jason busy plowing (he worked for 29.5 hours with almost no break!!). As a result, Jack spent an unexpected 3 days at Grandma & Grandpa Lang's house. We're lucky we have the grandparents in town and willing to help us out (Jason's family was ready to help too)!

We've played with the neighbors a few times (Nathan and Addi). Jack LOVED Nathan's ride-on train - we struggled getting him to take turns with the other kids.
Jack is talking more every day and just amazes us with how smart he is! He is starting to really like Thomas and really just anything to do with trains. Today we were leaving Target and he started "woo woo"ing like a train out of the blue. Well, I thought it was out of the blue until I realized there was a train off in the distance blowing its whistle. Man, the kid is smart!

Here is raiding our kitchen cabinets:Wearing a pillowcase - silly guy:
Watching a movie (Thomas, of course) on Mommy & Daddy's bed:
Notice the crossed legs and the hand glued to the remote.