Basketball Hoop

Jason had a client who was moving but not taking her basketball hoop with her, so he struck a deal with her and next thing you know, we had a birthday present for the boys.  They absolutely love it!  We spent many an evening playing basketball on the patio.

Lake / Goforth Visit

We were so excited that for the first time in many years, Kelly (and her family, of course) was able to join us for the annual lake trip.  We had a quick get together with our family the night before we left so our aunts and uncles could meet Graham and see Kel, Greg and Parker.
Playing baseball with Great Uncle Steve

Charlie, Jack, Lily and Parker

Sweet Boy

Slumber party in Charlie's room!
In the morning we left for the lake.  We had a great weekend!  Lots of swimming, boat rides and fun with friends!

My friend Angie filled up a cooler full of water balloons for the kids.  They loved throwing them at each other.  Jack and Dylan were trying to catch them without popping them (mostly unsuccessfully).

 The annual dice game! (Left, Right, Center).
Greg was the big winner of the night!

My bed mate was a bit of a bed hog

We scratched several things off of our bucket list on this trip.  #25 Meet Baby Graham, #5 Ride on a Boat, #16 Have a Water Balloon Fight, #29 Go to the Lake.  Can't wait for next year!

Play Date w/Lake Friends

Our friend Steve and his family weren't able to make it to the lake trip, so we had a little play date the day before we left.  We met at a playground near our house, and I just ran and got some pizzas for lunch.  We had a fun time visiting and watching the kids play.  Jack always has a blast with my friend Angie's son Dylan.  Dylan is a few years older (which Jack thinks is awesome, of course), but they play really well together.

There are no pictures, but we played at the splash pad at the park (bucket list #23)
We tried to do a group photo of the kids, which was humorous.  Observe:
Evelyn & Lucas, Steve, Colin and Ryan, Charlie & Jack, Dylan, Cora and Amelia, Tommy & Alex (& Laura & Paul)

Love all my lifelong friends and all their kiddos!!

Botanical Garden Visit

After Milwaukee, but before the annual lake trip, I took a few days off work.  Grandma Lang and I decided to take the boys to the Missouri Botanical Garden.  On a whim I called Rebecca, who is off on Tuesdays, and she and her kids changed their plans and came to meet us too.  They have a fun children's garden there that the kids loved checking out.  Lots of fun stuff to climb on!

We also checked out the Lego exhibit that was visiting there.  The structures were impressive, but there weren't as many of them as I expected.  We did see this one and had to take a picture for Daddy.  And we scratched off item #14 from our Bucket List.

Fun day!  We will definitely go back again!