Play Date w/Lake Friends

Our friend Steve and his family weren't able to make it to the lake trip, so we had a little play date the day before we left.  We met at a playground near our house, and I just ran and got some pizzas for lunch.  We had a fun time visiting and watching the kids play.  Jack always has a blast with my friend Angie's son Dylan.  Dylan is a few years older (which Jack thinks is awesome, of course), but they play really well together.

There are no pictures, but we played at the splash pad at the park (bucket list #23)
We tried to do a group photo of the kids, which was humorous.  Observe:
Evelyn & Lucas, Steve, Colin and Ryan, Charlie & Jack, Dylan, Cora and Amelia, Tommy & Alex (& Laura & Paul)

Love all my lifelong friends and all their kiddos!!

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