Milwaukee Cardinals Trip

In July, Jason and I went on our third annual road trip to watch the Cardinals play.  This year's destination was Milwaukee.  We left on a Friday morning and came home on Sunday; it was a perfect little getaway!

We arrived Friday around lunch time and walked all around the city.  We checked out the Pabst Blue Ribbon gift shop, ate at a yummy burger joint and then checked into our hotel.  We loved the Iron Horse Hotel.  Our room was really nice and there were a few bars at the hotel which we of course checked out a few times over the course of the weekend.
Friday night we walked down to the Riverwalk and checked out a few bars.  We watched the game and drank like the locals:

 After watching a great comeback by the Cards, we got back to our hotel and sat at the outdoor bar for a night cap.  It was beautiful weather!
 And we got some cheese curds, so we could eat like the locals too.  They were delish!
Saturday morning we walked to a market and stocked up on some cheeses.  We found this great BBQ joint for lunch, Smoke Shack, which was right up Jason's alley.  We wanted to stock up on local beers too, but wisely decided to walk back to our hotel and get our car first.  That would've been a long walk with our several cases of beer!!  Our hotel was right next door to the Harley Davidson museum, so we walked over there to grab some souvenirs for the boys.  
Then it was time to head to the game!  We had great seats on the lower level, behind home plate.  The broadcast booths were just behind us, so we had a great view of Mike Shannon and Bob Uecker.  Coincidentally my family friends, the Leahys, were about 7 rows behind us in the same section; so crazy!  It was another fun game; the Cards clobbered the Brewers!  It started drizzling midway through, so we got to watch the stadium roof close too.

We had a fun night on the town after the Cards victory!  Sunday morning we ate at a little breakfast joint that someone recommended, then we headed out.  We made a quick stop at IKEA in Chicago and made our way home to see the boys.

We love these little weekend getaways with just the two of us exploring a new city.  We walked something like 20,000 steps each day!

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