4th of July

We had a very nice 4th of July.  It started with the Ashers' annual Grown-Ups only party on July 3rd.  We had lots of neighbors this year, along with other friends, and we had a great time.  Here are the only pictures I took that night....very late in the night as evidenced by the fact that Jason is "dancing."

The 4th was on a Friday this year, so we headed up to the O'Fallon Freedom Festival with a group.  Jack got his first face painting and they rode rides and played games.  They even had a craft area where the kids each made a visor.  This was the first year the kids were old enough to stay until the fireworks (in previous years we went home to watch them from our driveway).  They loved it!

Our next door neighbors, Anthony & Natalie

Summer Bucket List #36

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