Transition to Kindergarten Prep

The week after Jack's orbit, it was time for him to transition to the Grasshopper room for Kindergarten Prep.  We were very sad to say goodbye to Ms Marcie and Ms Erin in the Blue Jay room.  They have been wonderful teachers for the past year and have taught Jack so much.  Here is the card Jack made for them to thank them:

We are also very excited about the new classroom.  Since Jack had been a Blue Jay for over a year, he was ready for a change in pace.  He missed the kindergarten cut-off by 17 days, so he is the oldest in his class (and will be his whole life).

His new teachers, Ms Amy and Ms Kristen, have been great so far and Jack is having a great time.  Each morning he has a sign-in sheet where he makes a weather observation, logs his mood, and writes down the two words of the day.  They also have a "Super Friends" chart where each time the child does something nice for a friend, follows classroom directions, etc, they get to move their picture over one space on the chart.  Once they get to the end (I think it's 10 spaces), they get to pick a little prize for being a Super Friend.  Jack is ALL ABOUT the Super Friend chart.  He has picked a little stuffed animal, a Ninja Turtle highlighter (which he promptly left on a table when we were out to eat - oops!) and a Ninja Turtle bubble wand.  So fun!

Here are a few pictures of him in his new classroom:

Jack and his buddies Bryant and Alan drew the Ninja Turtles

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