Nursery Furniture

At long last, the nursery furniture has arrived and has been assembled! I love it!! I'm anxious to get everything put into drawers, so I'm sure I'll be working on that over the next week or so. Then it's on to decorating the walls. We're getting there!!


Belly Update & Birth Class

Here's an updated belly picture - I am 32.5 weeks and getting big!
We took a childbirth class yesterday. It was a long day (8 hours), but I'm glad we went. They told us things we hadn't thought of, we got a few questions answered, and took a tour of the hospital. Mostly though, I think it sparked a few conversations between Jason and me that we may not have had otherwise until it was too late. I feel like we're one more step to being ready for baby. We're also taking a breastfeeding class - I think that's next week. Luckily that one is only a couple hours long!

Our next doctor visit is tomorrow.


Ameren Shower

My other shower last weekend was held by the girls I worked with at Ameren. It was very sweet of them to hold a shower for me, and I had a really nice time. The shower was supposed to be a joint shower for my friend Joan, who is due July 9, and me, but unfortunately Joan's dad had a minor stroke, so she went to Peoria to be with him. The good news is, it looks like her dad is going to be fine and he left the hospital yesterday!

This was a small shower, but they made yummy food and delicious cupcakes. I also displayed my new found clumsiness! I had at least 4 spills, dropped items or near misses. Oh, Annie!

Here are a few pictures:


Shower Weekend

I had two more showers this weekend! I know, Fletch is one lucky baby!!

Saturday, Cyndi (Jason's sister) hosted a shower for me with all of his aunts and cousins and some of Darlene's friends. She put a ton of effort into it with an adorable diaper cake, the cutest little "peas in a pod" favors, a fun little game, etc. Of course if you remember from my birthday celebration, she is also quite the cake maker, and she did not disappoint at the shower. The cake was awesome!Darlene also made this adorable stroller watermelon to serve fruit out of - how cute!We also got a lot of great gifts!!

Here are Fletch's grandmas and me:All the relatives at the shower:
More about the other shower in the next post!


Ultrasound #7 - 31 Weeks

I was officially 31 weeks along as of Thursday - 9 weeks to go!

I finally got around to scanning the ultrasound pictures, so here's my update from Tuesday's doctor visit. Everything is looking good - the baby's heartbeat was 140 (boy heartbeat) and his/her head is down still, which is a good thing, but doesn't necessarily mean that will be the case in 9 weeks. We watched Fletch moving his/her hands all around on the ultrasound - it was fun!

Fletch is moving all the time now, only now when he/she moves, my whole stomach moves with him/her. It's wild! I am still feeling good, but starting to get tired more easily. This is my busy time at work (for two more weeks), so that may be playing a part as well, but I just have much less energy than normal. My other ailment is still my tailbone. I am sitting on a doughnut at work, which I think is helping some, but it still kills me after a long day of sitting in my desk chair. Again, the longer hours probably aren't helping me in this department either. The good news is, it feels fine in the evenings and weekends when I'm not sitting in a chair constantly.

Furniture update: the crib and dresser shipped Wednesday - the day after I ordered them. Now THAT'S how it should work! Expected delivery is June 18th - can't wait! The changer will not ship for several more weeks, but I'm happy to have the two big pieces so I can get going on the nursery.

Here are a couple of the ultrasound pictures - we got a lot of good ones of Fletch's face.

This is a profile shot kind of looking down on Fletch. He/she is facing left.
This one is Fletch's torso, again facing left and we are looking down on him/her. At the top right, you can see his/her little nose and chin, then at the top across the middle is the right arm and hand. The middle is the chest/belly and the bottom is the left arm.


Furniture Dilemma

First, we had a doctor's visit today and all went well, but I will post more about that in the next day or two when I get the ultrasound pictures scanned in.

What I want to post about tonight is my furniture ordeal. You may remember from previous posts that we ordered the baby furniture in March. The original delivery was expected the last week of April, which then got delayed until the second week in June. I called today and (I'm sure you can guess where this is going) the crib is now delayed until THE LAST WEEK IN JULY!!! I'm so frustrated. Apparently this furniture line is new for this company (Lea Furniture) and it is produced internationally (I'm assuming China), which is causing significant backorders. I just want to decorate the nursery, which I can't do until the furniture gets here.

We had two options: 1) go ahead and have them deliver the dresser and changer and just hope the crib gets here before we need to use it or 2) get our money back and start over. I did some research tonight and found different furniture that I like. SO, we now have a crib and dresser that will be shipped by June 15 and changer/dresser that will be shipped by July 7.
I'm excited about the new furniture and REALLY hope they come on time (or even earlier)!


Baby Shower!

I had my first baby shower today, hosted by my sister with my mom's and aunts' assistance. There were 30 guests, including all of my aunts, most of my cousins, Jason's mom & sister and our nieces and my mom's friends. It was a great shower with every little detail thought out - Kelly definitely should be a party planner for a living! We also got a ton of great gifts for Fletch!

Mom, Aunt Kathy, me, Aunt Jan and Kelly:
Lang cousins: Me, Kelly, Katie, Cindy & Sam, Jenny, Sue, Julie & Maya:Adorable niece #1 (Mia):
Adorable niece #2 (Lily):Pictures of Jason and me when we were babies/kiddos:
Guess when the baby will arrive! The winner will get a prize mailed to her:The favor - chocolate covered popcorn:The dessert - ice cream sundae bar - yummy!!
Lots of yummy quiches!A handmade quilt from my aunts Jan & Kathy, with some assistance from my mom. Fletch is one lucky baby!!A keepsake ornament box from my Uncle Jim & Aunt Ree. They make and sell these - there are 20 compartments and a card for each one to fill in the year and why the ornament was special for that year. What a fun tradition!
Cards onesie from Deb & Angie:The whole shower was great!! I got home and took everything out of the boxes and took tags off of everything, but it's all laying around Fletch's room right now. If only the furniture would arrive, we could get organized!