Furniture Dilemma

First, we had a doctor's visit today and all went well, but I will post more about that in the next day or two when I get the ultrasound pictures scanned in.

What I want to post about tonight is my furniture ordeal. You may remember from previous posts that we ordered the baby furniture in March. The original delivery was expected the last week of April, which then got delayed until the second week in June. I called today and (I'm sure you can guess where this is going) the crib is now delayed until THE LAST WEEK IN JULY!!! I'm so frustrated. Apparently this furniture line is new for this company (Lea Furniture) and it is produced internationally (I'm assuming China), which is causing significant backorders. I just want to decorate the nursery, which I can't do until the furniture gets here.

We had two options: 1) go ahead and have them deliver the dresser and changer and just hope the crib gets here before we need to use it or 2) get our money back and start over. I did some research tonight and found different furniture that I like. SO, we now have a crib and dresser that will be shipped by June 15 and changer/dresser that will be shipped by July 7.
I'm excited about the new furniture and REALLY hope they come on time (or even earlier)!

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