Baby Asher Is On The Way!

Our friends Greg & Melissa are en route to the hospital to be induced!! If all goes well, Addison will make her appearance tomorrow! I was hoping she and I would share a birthday, but I won't wish a 36-hour labor on my good friend!! May 1 is close enough. :)

I'll post more when I know more and hopefully I'll have pictures of the little one this weekend!


NY Trip

I went to New York this past weekend to visit Alison. As you know, she is my closest friend who also has a baby on the way, due August 11 to my August 13. We had a great weekend - busy, but relaxing at the same time.

We went to a Broadway show (my first!):Walked around in Central Park:Had prenatal massages:And ate yummy food (this was a peanut butter sandwich with vanilla cream cheese and chocolate chips from this place we saw on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives on the Food Network - yum!):
It was lots of fun!! We took a few belly-to-belly pics too:


Belly - 24 Weeks

Here's my belly as of tonight:


Ultrasound #5 - 23 Weeks

We had another ultrasound yesterday - I was 23.5 weeks. Everything went great - the technician was able to get all the measurements on the heart and face that she couldn't last time. She confirmed the heart has four chambers, and is pretty confident there is no cleft palate. We got some great 3D pictures of the face - they're so funny because you can see the little fist up by the forehead and a foot (yes, foot!) by the chin. Fletch must be pretty flexible! I labeled the first one, but the others are showing a similar angle.
The heartbeat was 140, which the doctor now says is a boy heartbeat, but based on some of my friends' recent experiences, I'm thinking the heartbeat thing is a fluke. I have now gained 14 pounds, which they say is right on track, but 8 pounds in the last 5 weeks seems like a lot to me!!

We go back in four weeks when I will have the pleasure of drinking the scrumptious liquid for the glucose test. I hear it's not so bad, but still not really looking forward to it.

Fletch has been super active lately. Last night, he/she seriously must have flipped over or something because I've never felt such a ruckus! If I hadn't had a blanket covering me, I'm confident it would have been visible from the outside. Fun times. Our little baby is getting strong!

I'm still feeling great, but I have a cold right now. Getting lots of rest and drinking lots of o.j. so I'm back to 100% Thursday when I trek to New York to visit Alison and her pregnant belly!

Also, a big thanks to the Hazletons for the adorable organic cotton onesies, hoodie, pants and socks!! What a nice surprise to come home to yesterday - can't wait to see them on Fletch!


Mia's Birthday & Nursery Paint

Our niece Mia turned 3 Thursday, so we celebrated last night with one of her favorite pastimes - bowling. It was quite entertaining - she definitely had fun!

Here are some other pictures from last night.

This is this nifty rack thing they have at the new bowling alley by our house - all she has to do is put the bowl up there and push and she gets pins down every time. Beats the old-fashioned way when it took 5 minutes just for the ball to get down the alley when a kiddo is bowling.
Baby Lily - 8 months old:Action shot of Taylor bowling:
Paige & Lily:
We also had a huge accomplishment today - we painted the nursery - finally! It's taupe and turned out just how I wanted it. It feels so good to have that finished - now we're ready for the furniture to arrive, which should be sometime in the next few weeks. I also bought the glider and ottoman today, so I'll post pictures of those after Jason picks them up, hopefully in the next couple of days.We go back to the doctor tomorrow for another ultrasound, so hopefully we'll get some good pictures of Fletch! I'll post as soon as I can get them scanned.


Two Exciting Things!

1. Jason felt Fletch move for the first time last night - finally!! He's been waiting for this day for months! The kicks (or punches or whatever they are) are getting stronger and stronger!

2. My coworkers were very sneaky and surprised me last night at a "yay we're finished with the second quarter" celebration with the hard-to-find infant car seat and super deluxe stroller that I so desperately wanted. They are so awesome (and apparently very good listeners when I was researching and complaining about the pattern being discontinued, etc.). I'm so excited - I came home last night and immediately got the car seat out, and I put the stroller together this morning. Now they will just sit and wait, but at least I can look at them whenever I want!! Here are some pictures:


Belly - 22 Weeks

Here's my current belly - I will be 22 weeks along as of tomorrow. It's getting bigger and bigger, that's for sure!I am still feeling great, other than the occasional headaches, which unfortunately have sometimes been debilitating like the one I had this past Sunday. My newest ailment is heartburn - I have been waking up nightly for the past week with raging heartburn, and man, it is not fun. Luckily, I learned after the first 3 nights of getting up to get the Tums and they are now placed strategically on my nightstand. Yes, I realize that it is pathetic that it took me 3 nights of getting out of bed to come to that solution. Other than these two complaints, life is good!

We ordered the baby's furniture a few weeks ago, so that was an exciting thing to check off the to do list. Here's the picture from the website. I'll post a better picture when it arrives, which should be another 4 weeks or so.