Ultrasound #5 - 23 Weeks

We had another ultrasound yesterday - I was 23.5 weeks. Everything went great - the technician was able to get all the measurements on the heart and face that she couldn't last time. She confirmed the heart has four chambers, and is pretty confident there is no cleft palate. We got some great 3D pictures of the face - they're so funny because you can see the little fist up by the forehead and a foot (yes, foot!) by the chin. Fletch must be pretty flexible! I labeled the first one, but the others are showing a similar angle.
The heartbeat was 140, which the doctor now says is a boy heartbeat, but based on some of my friends' recent experiences, I'm thinking the heartbeat thing is a fluke. I have now gained 14 pounds, which they say is right on track, but 8 pounds in the last 5 weeks seems like a lot to me!!

We go back in four weeks when I will have the pleasure of drinking the scrumptious liquid for the glucose test. I hear it's not so bad, but still not really looking forward to it.

Fletch has been super active lately. Last night, he/she seriously must have flipped over or something because I've never felt such a ruckus! If I hadn't had a blanket covering me, I'm confident it would have been visible from the outside. Fun times. Our little baby is getting strong!

I'm still feeling great, but I have a cold right now. Getting lots of rest and drinking lots of o.j. so I'm back to 100% Thursday when I trek to New York to visit Alison and her pregnant belly!

Also, a big thanks to the Hazletons for the adorable organic cotton onesies, hoodie, pants and socks!! What a nice surprise to come home to yesterday - can't wait to see them on Fletch!

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