Happy Halloween

Similar to last year the boys had lots of opportunities to wear their Halloween costumes this year.  They went as Batman and Robin (probably Jack's last year of choosing with no objection from Charlie).  Jack liked telling people that his brother was going to dress up as his Sidekick, Robin.

The weekend before Halloween we went out to our neighbor's parents' house in Foristel for the Annual Mincher Fall Party.  We had Mia and Lily with us that night too, so that made it extra fun.  They wore their costumes and got to go for a hayride, paint pumpkins and trick or treat.  Renee even dressed up as a witch, which was a little frightening to Charlie and her son Tyson at first.

Nathan, Witch Renee and Jack

Charlie got his first tattoo, courtesy of cousin Mia

On the hayride
That night we had a slumber party at our house (Ethan & Addi left after the movie):
Ethan, Addi, Jack, Lily and Mia up on the couch
The day before Halloween day care had its annual parade.  The kids wear their costumes and the parents and other employees come out to the courtyard area and watch them parade around.  Of course this year I had an offsite meeting and barely made it there to catch the tail end, so my pictures are not fabulous, but you get the idea.
Charlie & his classmates

Jack (right) and his class
That afternoon Monsanto hosted a Halloween party for employees' kids.  Jason was picking the boys up that night so I could stay late and work, so he met us at the party.  They had pumpkin painting, some games, a balloon artist and a magician.  The boys had a good time.

Halloween night we did our typical routine: first met up with the neighbors for some photo ops and a little trick or treating.  Then we headed over to Grandma and Grandpa Claytons' house to trick or treat with Mia and Lily, followed by cake for Grandma Clayton's birthday.  We had a fun night despite the yucky, rainy weather.  Jack was totally into the trick or treating, running as fast as he could from house to house.  Charlie got into it too, but he was much slower than the big kids.  We ended up going about 3 houses ahead so the big kids would get to the door about the same time as slow poke Charlie.  Both of them loved receiving all the candy though and we are STILL eating it, one piece or less per day.
The neighbors: Logan, Reghan, Hayden, Charlie, Jack, Jack, Addi and Nathan

Super Hero Cousins!

Mia's homemade Wonder Woman costume - Cyndi did an awesome job!

Batgirl Lily
Jack had a rough moment leading up to singing happy birthday to Grandma, but we got a priceless picture out of it (which he will hate us for later):

Hayden's Birthday Party

We had lots of birthday parties to attend this fall, but I didn't really take any pictures or videos.  However our neighbor Hayden's 4th birthday party had a circus theme.  The kids played some cute games so I managed to take some pictures and videos.

Chris also painted this adorable photo booth thing - too cute!
Jack the Clown

Charlie the Clown
Chris may kill me for this picture, but notice the adorable hats Hayden's grandma made for all the kids:

First Blues Game

Jack went to his first Blues game in October.  I got tickets from work and we sat in a big box, so we may have spoiled him his first go 'round.  He loved watching the game though and still talks about how the "Whites" beat the Blues.

Pumpkin Patch

One Sunday in October the boys and I tagged along with the Lades on Reghan's birthday and went to Daniel's Farm and Greenhouse for their Pumpkin Patch.  We've been there the last several years and always have a great time.  I didn't bring my camera but luckily Chrissy did, so most of these were captured by her.