Jason plays in a dart league every Thursday night. This weekend he decided to play in a tournament. Rather than stay home and do nothing, Melissa and I went along, which was my first dart tournament experience. It was a loooong evening with lots of beers. There were three different tournaments, and Jason won one of them with his "blind draw" partner. Yay. Can't say that I'll be rushing out to attend more tournaments, but it wasn't as boring as I thought it would be.

Today we went to our friends' twins' baptism - or at least the party afterwards. It was my first time meeting the babies, and they are adorable!! They both have big blue eyes just like their older brother. Of course, hanging out with babies just makes me want one that much more. One of these days (or years).......sigh.


Clayton Easter Pictures

The kiddos:

The egg hunt:
Paige & her basket:
Hurry up, Uncle Jason! (He's opening some candy for her):

Snuggle time with Dad:

Grandma is sharing her Squirt:

Mommy helping Mia with her candy:


Skinny Jeans

I have two pairs of skinny jeans. One pair is my all-time favorite 7 jeans, which I haven't fit into for oh, about five years. Those are still folded neatly on my shelf and may be forever. However, my other pair of skinny jeans are the more recent ones that I haven't worn for probably two years. That is, until today. Yay!! What a great feeling. I've been complaining to Jason that I've been working out consistently for 10 weeks or so and not seeing any results in the mirror. This is what I needed to reassure myself it's worth it. I guess the treadmill will continue to get use after all.
We're having a nice Easter weekend. We had the Gibler side of the family (my mom's side) over yesterday for our first ever holiday gathering. I think it was a success. After dinner we had a family-wide Wii bowling tournament, which was lots of fun. My cousin's daughter Alyssa took the title. I think we may make this an annual event - Jason eloquently (albeit drunkenly) dubbed it the "Marge Cup Memorial" after my grandma who passed away in October. I think we will rename it the Marge Memorial Cup, as I'm sure that's what he'd have called it if he hadn't had 1.5 bottles of scotch in his system. Maybe we'll get a trophy for next year...

Jason is hard at work in the basement trying to get his workbench completed so he can finally get organized. He's tired of not being able to find all of his tools and whatever other manly stuff he keeps down there. Here's the work-in-process...
He made it Jason-sized, so the surface of the table is at about my chest. I think he's going to be happy when it's all finished!


Busy Weekend

Friday night Alison was in town, so we got the crew together for dinner/drinks. It was fun times! We got to meet our friend Jen's new beau and we got to see the beginnings of Lisa's baby bump.
Alison, Sarah & Amanda with Mr. Leprechaun:

Michael & Lisa:

Emily & Adam:

Bob & Jen, the Birthday Girl:

You can see the rest of the pictures here:
Saturday morning I ran with my friend Jamie and her boyfriend Tim in the St. Patty's Day Race. It was 5 miles, which is the farthest I've ever run. Before I started training about 2 months ago, I could barely run 1 mile. Now I think I'm almost ready for my 6.5 mile run on April 6. My coworkers and I are doing a relay in the St. Louis Marathon. Here are Jamie & me looking pretty before the race:
And me in my race pose (Jason made me do it):Sunday we had our 2nd week of kickball (last week was rained out). The Thunder Thighs are currently undefeated at 4-0.

Here's a bonus picture of Mia from Saturday night.


Paint, Paint & More Paint

Yesterday we took on the project of painting the foyer, dining room and hallway. Phew! It took us 7.5 hours!! The color looks great, and I'm so happy to have it finished - those white walls were really getting to me! Here are some action shots:And here is the finished product:

I'll be happy if I never see a paint roller again, but since I'm not 100% happy with my bedroom color, I guess I'm out of luck. That's a project for another day.

I can also scratch another long-overdue project off my to-do list. I ordered a custom mat to frame our wedding invitation, which I've been hoping to do for oh, about a year and a half. Can't wait to hang the finished product! We're ready to start hanging things on our walls - at long last!


Kickball Has Begun

We had another low-key weekend. The highlight was the start of kickball season today. We play 2 games every Sunday until mid-May. Fun times. We started off well with a sunny 80 degree day and two wins. Jason got 3 home runs in the first game, so he may already have his best game of the season under his belt. Here are the only two Thunder Thighs pictures I managed to take (notice the adorable little puppy Bruno climbing on Ryan).
Ryan & Beth:

My hubby:We also went to Cyndi & Todd's for dinner. Mia took a snooze while we were there, but before that I took this pic of her pretending to sleep.