Sparky Update - 17 Weeks

I had a doctor's appointment Tuesday, so I thought a Sparky update was in order.  All is well - heartbeat was 150 (chick heartbeat per my doctor - you may remember Jack's was a "chick" heartbeat at the beginning too).  We got an ultrasound, so we saw Sparky's arms moving all around!  Baby is getting big already!

I had a little scare Monday morning - I ran back into the house to grab something and my heel slid on the hardwoods.  I wiped out!  I landed hard on my knee (luckily not my belly!).  I was worried about Sparky so I called the doctor, but because I wasn't spotting and my appointment was scheduled for the next day, I opted not to go in.  I was a nervous Nelly for those 24 hours, but all is well!

During the ultrasound, Sparky was spread eagle for all to see, so the doctor was trying his best (and succeeding) in keeping our view away from the important part that we didn't want to see.  But then, as he flipped the machine to 3D mode, we caught a very quick full frontal glimpse.  Jason and I both think we saw a penis, but to our untrained eyes for that quick second, we really aren't sure.  We're still operating under the assumption that baby's gender is a surprise, and we'll find out in September if we were right at 17 weeks.

Here's a belly picture at 17 weeks - getting big already!
Here was 17 weeks with Jack:
What a difference a 2nd pregnancy makes!

Quick update about me: I'm feeling almost back to normal these days.  The nausea was not nearly as bad this time around, but lasted a bit longer (I was still feeling it a couple days a week at 15 weeks or so).  I'm still pretty tired, but have gotten some of my energy back.  Some nights I make it to my old bedtime (9:30 or 10:00 - I know, I'm a night owl!), but some nights I'm pooped and ready for bed as soon as Jack goes down at 8:00.  I haven't really had many other symptoms yet, aside from my first bout with heartburn last night.  I took 2 Tums and it quickly went away, so nothing to grouch about (yet!).  Enjoying the 2nd trimester!!


Bath Time

In the last couple of weeks Jack suddenly converted from a bath-lover to a boy who despises them.  Out of the blue he started refusing to even sit down and screamed the whole 2 minutes it took for Jason and me to tag-team frantically washing and holding him to prevent falls.  It's been rough!

I guess I mentioned this to my sister and she came to the rescue!  Tonight Jack received in the mail 3 new bath toys:

What a lucky guy!  Turns out it worked too!  We had an excellent bath tonight, and he wanted to take his fishing rod to bed with him.  That was a little risky with the plastic rope, so I traded him for a Thomas bath squirter instead.

Thanks Aunt Kelly!!


Update Through Pictures

Not a lot to update on, so I will just show you what we've been up to through pictures.

First, here is Jack relaxing with Daddy.  We're not sure where he picked up this little mannerism, but it's his favorite way to watch TV.
 I've gone on a bit of a Craigslist rampage of late.  It started with my search for a little plastic outdoor slide for Jack for the summer.  I found this (it WILL be an outdoor slide, just hasn't been moved there yet):
Before I found the slide, I came across this guy for a mere $35, so we decided Jack MUST have it.  Right now it's in Cyndi & Todd's basement, but Jack is loving it!
Jack put on a little fashion show for us last weekend.  He's really into his new rain boots, and he apparently liked his hats that day too.
Here are some more pictures from tumbling - we've gone 3 times now and it's been just as fun each time.

Brave guy trying the balance beam on his own:
 Jumping on the springboard:
Trying out the bar:
This is Jack when he was "sick" a few weeks ago.  This was the night I decided he was feeling better.  Look at that mess!!



We started tumbling class tonight! Melissa and I signed Addi and Jack up for tumbling class at the YMCA. Turns out the two of them plus Melissa's friend from work's daughter Lily are the only three in the class (Lily wasn't there tonight though). We missed week 1 due to Jack's bronchitis, but made it tonight, and boy was it fun!! Jack and Addi just ran all over the place loving it! There are mats everywhere, a balance beam to walk on, a bar to hang on, a cheese mat with steps and a tunnel to crawl through. What more can a kid ask for?? They had a ball! I can't wait for next week!

Crawling through the tunnel:
They LOVED the cheese mat!
And sliding!
And a couple videos - fun times!!