Update Through Pictures

Not a lot to update on, so I will just show you what we've been up to through pictures.

First, here is Jack relaxing with Daddy.  We're not sure where he picked up this little mannerism, but it's his favorite way to watch TV.
 I've gone on a bit of a Craigslist rampage of late.  It started with my search for a little plastic outdoor slide for Jack for the summer.  I found this (it WILL be an outdoor slide, just hasn't been moved there yet):
Before I found the slide, I came across this guy for a mere $35, so we decided Jack MUST have it.  Right now it's in Cyndi & Todd's basement, but Jack is loving it!
Jack put on a little fashion show for us last weekend.  He's really into his new rain boots, and he apparently liked his hats that day too.
Here are some more pictures from tumbling - we've gone 3 times now and it's been just as fun each time.

Brave guy trying the balance beam on his own:
 Jumping on the springboard:
Trying out the bar:
This is Jack when he was "sick" a few weeks ago.  This was the night I decided he was feeling better.  Look at that mess!!

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