May 2016

In May I celebrated my birthday.  Our sweet boys made cards for me and each of them put $2 of their own money in my card.  Love it!

Our friend Addison shares my birthday.  Her party was a book theme, so the boys dressed as their favorite Mr Men characters.  We initially wrapped Jack's head in an ace bandage for Mr Bump, but he immediately took it off.  To my dismay, it was before I even snapped a picture.
We bought the same Cardinals season tickets that we had last year, so we have 3 games this year.  Our first one was on May 4.  We decided to leave Nora with Grandma & Grandpa Lang and just took the boys this time.

Grandma sent us this picture of Nora cheering on our Redbirds...

This was my Mother's Day gift that Charlie made at school...

And Jack made this:
 We had a little Mother's Day gathering at our house.  We were also celebrating Grandma Clayton's retirement, which was so exciting!!  We took the opportunity for a photo shoot.  We got every combination except our family of 5 (Jason was inside cooking) - whoops!

Later in the month, we had another Cardinals game.  This time we took Ms Nora to her first game.  She was a perfect angel, and even took a little nap in her stroller for part of it (she is a champion stroller napper).

After the game, we headed over to the Pressons for an outdoor movie night.  It was a long, fun day!

Sloane's chocolate face!

Nora and her buddy Elise
This month Charlie also learned to ride his bike without training wheels!  He was so excited!
We also went to a birthday party at Bounce U for our neighbor Trenton.

One evening we went to the neighborhood park and a storm started moving in.  It got a little chillier than I expected, so Nora had to wear my cardigan.  She looked so cute!!
 It started drizzling so we had to drive home, but Jack REALLY wanted to ride his bike.  We drove alongside him while he rode in the rain.  He LOVED it!

Nora at 5 Months

On May 4, Nora turned 5 months old.  She tried a lot of new things in her 5th month!!  We got out the exersaucer, the high chair and the Bumbo for her, and she thought she was such a big shot in all three!  We hadn't started spoon feeding her yet, but thought she might enjoy sitting in the high chair while we eat, and we were right!!

In this 5th month, we stopped swaddling Nora at night.  She loves to sleep with her arms up by her head and she loves this really small square lovey my friend Jamie bought her.  She puts it on her face, so we have to go in and move it off as soon as she falls asleep.  Thank goodness we have a video camera this go 'round so we can spy on her.  She is still sleeping well, and I would say she sleeps through the night about 1/2 of the time.  The nights she wakes up, we generally just give her the pacifier and she goes back to sleep.

 Nora is putting EVERYTHING in her mouth and has started drooling like crazy.  No teeth to show for yet, but it seems like they're on the way.  She also grabs for anything that comes near her - we suddenly have to be a lot more careful when she's on our laps.  She particularly loves my necklaces.

Our big girl just keeps getting bigger.  She's solidly in 9 month clothing and can even wear many 12 month things.  She's graduated to the size 3 diapers. She's not doing a ton of talking or making noise.  She did for awhile, but this month it seems like she's fairly quiet.  I did a little research (of course!) and learned that babies tend to focus on one skill at a time, so her verbal development could be on hold while she works on something else, which makes sense because our big shot ROLLED OVER on April 24th!!  We were hanging out with our neighbors and just laying in the grass when she finally made it over.  This was the after effect....
Here is Nora's 5 month photo shoot.  Happy girl, and she loves to hold her own hands...