My Gym & Tilles Park

Today we started a 4-week trial class at My Gym in Chesterfield Valley using a Groupon I purchased a few months ago.  It's pretty similar to the Little Gym, which we tried out last year with Melissa & Addi.  We liked the Little Gym, but decided not the spend the money to join.

Jack had a blast at My Gym - so much to explore!!  We're looking forward to the next 3 weeks.

 After My Gym, we went to Tilles Park to meet up with Jenny & her kids one last time before they head back to Wisconsin (and Lisa & her girls too).  We hadn't been to that park before - it has a great playground and a splash park.  So fun!
 Reece & Quinn (and Ella climbing up too)
 Miss Maci - all smiles

 Lena all smiles too
 LOVE this expression
We finished off our fun day with a quick play date with Addi since the daddies are off playing darts.  They hadn't seen each other in awhile and were playing so well, I had to snap a picture.


Grant's Farm

I took off work Tuesday so Jack and I could have a play date with Alison and Giana while they're in town.  We chose Grant's Farm.  Jack loved riding the choo choo and seeing all the animals, but the 95 degree temps did get a little toasty for us after awhile!  Luckily, Grant's Farm is the perfect size for a quick visit, so we were able to see almost everything before the weather got the better of us.

Alison's sister Sarah and adorable niece Zoey came along too.  We had a nice time!

Already sweaty about 5 minutes after we got there - Sarah, Zoey, Al and Giana on the tram
Jack feeding the goats (from outside the fence this time)
Zoey's first carousel ride!

Jack riding the dragon:

After a couple of sweaty hours (on the way out):

Sisters & cousins:


College Friends Reunion

My whole group of college friends got together tonight (except for Amanda, who couldn't make it from Texas), which is the first time since we all started having kids.  Jenny and her family are in town from Madison, WI and Alison and her daughters are in town from New York.  Between the six of us we have 10 kids (plus Sparky on the way), ranging from Quinn who is 5 years old to Lucia who is 2 months old today.

From left to right: Me, Emily, Lisa, Jenny, Alison (with Lucia) and Jen:
 From left to right: Lena & Reece Conroy, Lucia Marciano, Nate Weber, Quinn Conroy, Maci & Ella Cozad, Jack and Giana Marciano.  Not pictured is Ethan Dumstorff - he was taking a snooze during the photo shoot.  Are they not the cutest?!?!
We had a great visit and the kids seemed to have a good time as well.  It's a shame we can't get the whole group together more often!

Lake Weekend

We had our annual family/friends trip to the Lake of the Ozarks this weekend.  We went down Thursday and came back late Saturday night.  It was HOT, but overall it was a nice trip.  Jack loved seeing all the boats, pointing out each and every one that went by the pool, which looks out over part of the lake with some pretty heavy traffic.  He was a happy guy!

We also got to go on a boat ride.  It was not Jack's first, but he surely does not remember his first ride a year ago.  He got into the lake a few times with Paw Paw but got pretty sleepy towards the end of our time on the lake.  We had a special boat ride home to take the 4 youngest home for naps (including Jack) and every one of them fell asleep on the 10 minute ride back.

Jack also loved feeding the ducks, geese and birds from our balcony and on the sidewalk outside our condo.
On Saturday we checked out a place called Miner Mike's - it had lots of tunnels to climb in, some rides, a big arcade and, Jack's favorite, BALL PITS!  He had a good time, and it was a nice way to avoid the 95 degree temperatures.

Guess which car Paw Paw and Jack are in.  Haha!

They had a choo choo ride that Jack had to go on of course, but it turns out it was a pretty fast little roller coaster-type ride and he was terrified (notice his face in this picture).  Luckily they were the only two on the ride so we had the guy stop after a couple times around.

Jack also did some fishing with his Daddy and Paw Paw.  He and Paw Paw caught three fishies.  Fun stuff!

It was also a nice trip for Mommy because I got to see my three oldest friends, who currently live in San Francisco, Chicago and Akin, SC.  Needless to say, we don't get together too often.


Kelly's Shower

My sister came in town this weekend and we threw her a baby shower.  She's due September 27, just 18 days after me.  We're so excited!  The shower went great despite cramming 33ish people into my average sized house.  She got lots of goodies to prepare her for baby!

The loot:
 Special handmade quilt from our aunts Jan & Kathy:

Kel & her St. Louis girlfriends:
Cookie favors:
Sister belly pic:
Do you think we look like sisters?

The diaper cake:
The pint-sized clean-up crew arrived when the shower was over
We had a nice relaxing weekend with Kelly & Greg.  Friday morning we went to the Zoo.  Jack loved the choo choo (of course) and the monkeys.  It was a quick visit because it was hot and we had a nap to get home for, but it was fun.

Getting ready to ride the choo choo!
MaMaw, Jack, Paw Paw, Aunt Kelly & Uncle Greg
 Checkin' out the monkeys
 Jack and his grandparents

I love his juice box face
 Friday night we ate at Ozella's - a local pizza place.  Turns out they are SUPER kid-friendly.  Not only did they bring out some trucks and a coloring book for Jack to play with, but they also let him sweep the floor.  The child was one happy camper!
Jack hanging out with Uncle Greg

This is the only time we have been and will be together while we're pregnant, so we had to take lots of belly pictures!

 I think we covered all the angles.  We had a very nice weekend - I wish they lived closer so we could have these weekends more often!!!