Kelly's Shower

My sister came in town this weekend and we threw her a baby shower.  She's due September 27, just 18 days after me.  We're so excited!  The shower went great despite cramming 33ish people into my average sized house.  She got lots of goodies to prepare her for baby!

The loot:
 Special handmade quilt from our aunts Jan & Kathy:

Kel & her St. Louis girlfriends:
Cookie favors:
Sister belly pic:
Do you think we look like sisters?

The diaper cake:
The pint-sized clean-up crew arrived when the shower was over
We had a nice relaxing weekend with Kelly & Greg.  Friday morning we went to the Zoo.  Jack loved the choo choo (of course) and the monkeys.  It was a quick visit because it was hot and we had a nap to get home for, but it was fun.

Getting ready to ride the choo choo!
MaMaw, Jack, Paw Paw, Aunt Kelly & Uncle Greg
 Checkin' out the monkeys
 Jack and his grandparents

I love his juice box face
 Friday night we ate at Ozella's - a local pizza place.  Turns out they are SUPER kid-friendly.  Not only did they bring out some trucks and a coloring book for Jack to play with, but they also let him sweep the floor.  The child was one happy camper!
Jack hanging out with Uncle Greg

This is the only time we have been and will be together while we're pregnant, so we had to take lots of belly pictures!

 I think we covered all the angles.  We had a very nice weekend - I wish they lived closer so we could have these weekends more often!!!

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