College Friends Reunion

My whole group of college friends got together tonight (except for Amanda, who couldn't make it from Texas), which is the first time since we all started having kids.  Jenny and her family are in town from Madison, WI and Alison and her daughters are in town from New York.  Between the six of us we have 10 kids (plus Sparky on the way), ranging from Quinn who is 5 years old to Lucia who is 2 months old today.

From left to right: Me, Emily, Lisa, Jenny, Alison (with Lucia) and Jen:
 From left to right: Lena & Reece Conroy, Lucia Marciano, Nate Weber, Quinn Conroy, Maci & Ella Cozad, Jack and Giana Marciano.  Not pictured is Ethan Dumstorff - he was taking a snooze during the photo shoot.  Are they not the cutest?!?!
We had a great visit and the kids seemed to have a good time as well.  It's a shame we can't get the whole group together more often!

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