Big Boy Update

Just a quick update on our big boy's changes.  Sleeping in the big boy room is going great - our nighttime rituals have returned to closer to our pre-move routine.  We're down to just snuggling and rocking for a song or two and laying him down awake in bed.  He generally cries for a minute or two, then he's out.

He's making progress on the potty as well.  He's not telling us when he needs to go, so we obviously have a long way to go, but when we ask him if he wants to sit on the big potty, he often obliges and always at least goes pee pee.  He's gone poo poo on the potty a few more times too.  He's getting the hang of it!  Jason and I are both kind of grossed out by cleaning out a little potty chair, so we've just been using the big potty.  The Ashers discovered this fancy toilet seat, so we got one as well.  When the lid is closed and lifted, it's just a normal toilet seat, but you can pull the child seat down from the lid when it's Jack's turn.  Brilliant invention!

Jack and I attended a sibling class this weekend at the hospital where I'll deliver Sparky.  He's a little young, so I don't think he got all the messages of the quick 45-minute class, but he LOVED seeing all the babies in the nursery.  He was in complete awe over a brand new baby getting her first bath right inside the window.  We also checked out a room like Mommy will be staying in, so at least it won't be completely unfamiliar when he comes to visit.  On the way home we stopped and bought him a baby doll.  She has a bottle he can feed her and we've put a diaper on her (which he's constantly wanting to change) and wrapped her in a blanket.  Hopefully we can help him understand how to be gentle with the baby, but we won't know until Sparky arrives!

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