My Gym & Tilles Park

Today we started a 4-week trial class at My Gym in Chesterfield Valley using a Groupon I purchased a few months ago.  It's pretty similar to the Little Gym, which we tried out last year with Melissa & Addi.  We liked the Little Gym, but decided not the spend the money to join.

Jack had a blast at My Gym - so much to explore!!  We're looking forward to the next 3 weeks.

 After My Gym, we went to Tilles Park to meet up with Jenny & her kids one last time before they head back to Wisconsin (and Lisa & her girls too).  We hadn't been to that park before - it has a great playground and a splash park.  So fun!
 Reece & Quinn (and Ella climbing up too)
 Miss Maci - all smiles

 Lena all smiles too
 LOVE this expression
We finished off our fun day with a quick play date with Addi since the daddies are off playing darts.  They hadn't seen each other in awhile and were playing so well, I had to snap a picture.

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The Hazletons said...

I am sooooo jealous! What a wonderful week full of friends! You look fantastic, too!