New Toy

Jason got an inside scoop about a Wii shipment today, so he decided to treat himself to one. Unbeknownst to him, I had a plan up my sleeve to surprise him with one for his 30th birthday next month, but I guess he'll just have his present a month early.

The game is amazing - neither of us have ever played one. We started with bowling, which I could use some improvement in. He then tested boxing, which wore him out, and has moved on to golf (I may never get him away from this game!!).

Of course with all games like this, the game itself is expensive, but then you need more controllers, more games, etc. Phew! At least he'll be easy to buy presents for over the next few years...

Here are Jason & Greg showing off their bowling form:


Uppercase Living

I went to an Uppercase Living party a few weeks ago with my sister-in-law. They sell decal-like decorations for your walls in different sayings or pictures. Here's the website: http://www.uppercaseliving.com/. Jason put ours up yesterday above the bay window in the kitchen, and it looks great!!
Sadly, he made me swear I'd never purchase another one because it was difficult to put up. I was thinking of hosting an Uppercase Living party, so I guess I'll be putting any new purchases up on my own.


Christmas Tree

At long last, we have our Christmas tree! We went out to a farm in Warrenton to chop one down. It would have been fun if it hadn't been freezing & rainy. The tree was pretty much frozen by the time we got home, so it's currently in the garage thawing out. More pictures after it's decorated (hopefully tomorrow).



They planted our city-required trees yesterday. Since we're on a corner lot, we got 3 trees instead of the standard 1 tree. They kind of look like Charlie Brown Christmas trees right now, but hopefully in a few years they are just like the trees in the city! OK, maybe a few hundred years...


Poor Tigers

Our poor Tigers got the shaft this weekend. They played a less than stellar game on Saturday against Oklahoma, which resulted in their second lost for the season. Sadly, the BCS people decided that meant we didn't deserve a BCS bowl game. I am befuddled how Kansas still gets one even though we beat them outright. Such a shame. To the Cotton Bowl we go though, so at least it's something.

We finally finished painting the living room - phew! That was a project! I put my new purchases up on the plant shelf, and I like them, but still need to add a few things to make it complete. Here are some pictures of the new couches (finally!) and the fresh paint job - sorry they're kind of blurry (don't mind the lump on the couch glued to the TV - it IS Monday night, you know).

It's kind of hard to tell the color, but it's a light taupe:

Sofa with love seat on the left:

The chair & 1/2 with ottoman:

The 1/2 decorated plant shelf: