Poor Tigers

Our poor Tigers got the shaft this weekend. They played a less than stellar game on Saturday against Oklahoma, which resulted in their second lost for the season. Sadly, the BCS people decided that meant we didn't deserve a BCS bowl game. I am befuddled how Kansas still gets one even though we beat them outright. Such a shame. To the Cotton Bowl we go though, so at least it's something.

We finally finished painting the living room - phew! That was a project! I put my new purchases up on the plant shelf, and I like them, but still need to add a few things to make it complete. Here are some pictures of the new couches (finally!) and the fresh paint job - sorry they're kind of blurry (don't mind the lump on the couch glued to the TV - it IS Monday night, you know).

It's kind of hard to tell the color, but it's a light taupe:

Sofa with love seat on the left:

The chair & 1/2 with ottoman:

The 1/2 decorated plant shelf:

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