Grant's Farm

I took off work Tuesday so Jack and I could have a play date with Alison and Giana while they're in town.  We chose Grant's Farm.  Jack loved riding the choo choo and seeing all the animals, but the 95 degree temps did get a little toasty for us after awhile!  Luckily, Grant's Farm is the perfect size for a quick visit, so we were able to see almost everything before the weather got the better of us.

Alison's sister Sarah and adorable niece Zoey came along too.  We had a nice time!

Already sweaty about 5 minutes after we got there - Sarah, Zoey, Al and Giana on the tram
Jack feeding the goats (from outside the fence this time)
Zoey's first carousel ride!

Jack riding the dragon:

After a couple of sweaty hours (on the way out):

Sisters & cousins:

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