Belly - 22 Weeks

Here's my current belly - I will be 22 weeks along as of tomorrow. It's getting bigger and bigger, that's for sure!I am still feeling great, other than the occasional headaches, which unfortunately have sometimes been debilitating like the one I had this past Sunday. My newest ailment is heartburn - I have been waking up nightly for the past week with raging heartburn, and man, it is not fun. Luckily, I learned after the first 3 nights of getting up to get the Tums and they are now placed strategically on my nightstand. Yes, I realize that it is pathetic that it took me 3 nights of getting out of bed to come to that solution. Other than these two complaints, life is good!

We ordered the baby's furniture a few weeks ago, so that was an exciting thing to check off the to do list. Here's the picture from the website. I'll post a better picture when it arrives, which should be another 4 weeks or so.


Alison Marciano said...

YAY!!!!!!!! Loving the belly pic! You look great girlie! Can't wait until our bellies unite in a few weeks. ;)

The Hazletons said...

I think Fletch has gotten even bigger since Saturday! Sorry to hear about the headaches...those have never been your friend!!!

Cindy Lindle said...

You look so cute! Oh I remember the headaches and heartburn, not fun :)