Planet Parade

Jack's class has spent a lot of time learning about the planets and space.  His teachers said they tried a few times to switch to new topics but the kids just kept going on about the planets.  That prompted them to do a class project!  Each kid drew a planet (or moon or other space object) out of a hat, and then they spent weeks working on their costumes.  The parents were told about the project, but we weren't allowed to know much about it.  It was top secret.

The end result of their hard work was a presentation for the parents.  The kids put on an "orbit" for us.  It was too cute!!  We were so proud of our kiddos and all their hard work.
Jack was Mercury, so he was first after the Sun

Jack's teachers recorded the whole thing and then dubbed the music on top for us.  It's a little bit long, but SO cute!  The second song is a little more upbeat and starts at the 4:18ish point if you don't have time to watch the whole thing.

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