Lake / Goforth Visit

We were so excited that for the first time in many years, Kelly (and her family, of course) was able to join us for the annual lake trip.  We had a quick get together with our family the night before we left so our aunts and uncles could meet Graham and see Kel, Greg and Parker.
Playing baseball with Great Uncle Steve

Charlie, Jack, Lily and Parker

Sweet Boy

Slumber party in Charlie's room!
In the morning we left for the lake.  We had a great weekend!  Lots of swimming, boat rides and fun with friends!

My friend Angie filled up a cooler full of water balloons for the kids.  They loved throwing them at each other.  Jack and Dylan were trying to catch them without popping them (mostly unsuccessfully).

 The annual dice game! (Left, Right, Center).
Greg was the big winner of the night!

My bed mate was a bit of a bed hog

We scratched several things off of our bucket list on this trip.  #25 Meet Baby Graham, #5 Ride on a Boat, #16 Have a Water Balloon Fight, #29 Go to the Lake.  Can't wait for next year!

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