Sick Boy

Jack's had a bit of rough week. The week before last, he started coughing a little bit, then last weekend it got worse. Monday morning he woke up with vomit in his bed from coughing so much - the first time he's ever vomited!! Monday evening he had a low fever and Tuesday morning he woke up with a temperature of 101.8. We took him to the doctor that day and they said he had bronchitis. Luckily there's an antibiotic for that! Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty rough - just a fussy, irritable little guy, and he also refused to eat. Thursday day care said "he was his normal, happy self - you wouldn't know he's been sick." But then Thursday night he was up from 10:00pm until 2:00am, including more vomiting from coughing (all over Mommy this time)!! Wow - Friday was a sleepy day at work for Mommy and cranky day at Grandma & Grandpa's for Jack. I think he's feeling better now because he's started eating again, but all weekend he's still had quite a few bouts of fussiness. Just not his normal self yet!! Hopefully soon!

We're looking forward to Daddy getting back home from his boys' weekend in Springfield. Hopefully that will make the little man a bit happier too!

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