Battle Wounds

Jack suffered his first scrapes today. We went to our friend Zoey's 1st birthday party at a park, and Jack took a little spill while walking on the sidewalk. Poor little guy:
He'll be fine, but he sure looks pathetic, no?

The rest of the party was fun - there was a nice big playground, and Jack had a fun time with Dave, who is always a HUGE hit with the kiddos.
Last night, Jack had a fun play date with all his girl cousins and Addison. Our play room looked like a tornado came through, but I suppose that's a sign of the good times that were had!
Paige & Jack:
Addison & Lily - these two are going to be classmates some day:
Today Jason was doing yard work, and Jack was just pining away for him at the window - too cute!
Then Daddy came to say hi!

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