Ultrasound #4

We had our "big" ultrasound Monday where they do all the tests and measurements. Everything went well, except the technician couldn't do certain measurements on the heart or face because of the baby's position. We'll have those tests done next time we go on April 20th - they say this is common.

Anyway, the baby currently weighs 9 ounces and is head down, which doesn't mean much since there is so much time left. My due date registered as August 11 this time, but since the other three ultrasounds said August 13, August 14 and August 13, my doctor finalized the due date as August 13.

The heartbeat is 154, which the doctor says is "still a chick heartbeat."

We got a few new pictures, but they are close-ups of the legs, arms and spine. I will add them to this post as soon as I can get them scanned in.

I am 19 weeks tomorrow, so it's probably time for another belly picture. Hopefully this weekend.

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