Fall 2014 Soccer

Jack and Charlie both played soccer this fall.  We signed Jack up through the City of O'Fallon on a random team.  We ended up really liking the coaches and the other kids, so we are still playing indoor with the same group.  They played 4 on 4 plus goalies.  Jack had a lot of fun.  He scored a fair amount of goals, but he actually is kind of a natural defender.  He tends to hang back from the scrum to see where the ball will go and gets back quickly when the other team gets the ball.  I predict he'll be a mid fielder when he gets bigger.

And some videos.  Jack is #33; the one in the black socks (oops!  Mommy's fault):

Charlie's soccer was called Mini Kickers.  It was more like a camp (he's too young for a team), and it was through Challenger Sports, which is run by British soccer players.  Charlie's had Coach Luke, who was silly and the kids loved him.  Charlie had a good time most weeks.  One week (of course it happened to be the week that daddy and Grandma and Grandpa Lang were able to make it), he chose not to participate. Generally though, he got out there and had a good time.

And some videos of Charlie in action:
I love Charlie's little excited voice at the end of this one.  I could watch it over and over again...

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Kelly Goforth said...

So cute to watch Charlie run around in that huge jersey!