Charlie's New Specs

In September, they offered a free vision screening at day care.  We signed the permission slip even though we didn't have any concerns with their eyes, and we are glad we did.  Jack's screening came back fine, but Charlie was flagged for follow-up.  We made an appointment with a pediatric ophthalmologist right after his third birthday and learned that he is far-sighted.  That by itself is not overly concerning in kids.  The doctor said that many kids are far-sighted because their eyes are small, and they just grow out of it.  The concern with Charlie though is that his left eye is much more far-sighted than his right.  The result is that, without correction, he would begin to rely on his right eye more than his left.  Eventually his brain could stop using his left eye altogether, which is when people get a lazy eye.

To prevent all of that, the doctor recommended we put Charlie in glasses. His right lens has a minor prescription and his left has a much stronger one. 

Here he is trying them on for the first time.  He was less than thrilled...
I have to say this guy is a trooper though.  He got used to them very quickly and rarely complains about wearing them.  Even the very first day of wearing them, we ate dinner at Chick-Fil-A (on our anniversary, no less, can you say romantic?) and there was a balloon artist there.  Charlie picked something that went over your head, and when the balloon guy asked him to take his glasses off to measure his head, we heard Charlie respond "I can't.  My mom and dad said I can only take them off at bedtime and bath time."  Love it!

We think he looks pretty darn cute in his glasses, but we may be a little biased...

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