Jack's 5th Birthday

My 3rd and final birthday post...On Jack's 5th birthday we had a fun surprise for him: their first ride on the Metro Link and a trip to the Arch (#28 and #21, respectively, on our Bucket List).  We had so much fun!!

Outside the Arch

Waiting in line

In the elevator on the way up

Top of the Arch!

Zonked out on the ride home

Pretending to be zonked out too
Jack at 5 Years Old:
Let's see, what should I say about our big guy?  He currently loves all things super heroes, Legos and sports.  He recently discovered our Wii and loves to play video games (when we let him), especially Mario Kart.  He's very good at doing puzzles.  He loves riding his bike with his friends and playing basketball on our patio.  He can be a really sweet big brother to Charlie most of the time, but he's also mastered picking on him like all big brothers do.  He loves to tell very detailed stories and is learning a ton at school.  His teachers tell me he's a pleasure to have in class, and he's always helping his friends.  He's becoming very interested in reading and can read and write quite a few words on his own.

Jack has gotten really into drawing lately.  His favorite thing to draw is the Ninja Turtles.  Here's a picture with his friends Bryant and Alan at school and their Ninja Turtle drawings.  Not too shabby, eh?

He still takes a solid 2-3 hour nap every day at home and Grandma and Grandpa's house.  I think it's getting shorter and shorter at school since many of his friends don't nap at all.  He sleeps with his "Blue" and several other loveys and likes to pick at the threads on them.  Soon Blue will be nothing but little shreds!
Jack is kind of shy around new people, and even not-so-new people that he doesn't see often.  It takes him a little while, but once he gets comfortable, he will talk someone's ear off.  Overall he's a great kid.  He has his moments (what kid doesn't??) where his little attitude comes out, but generally our boy is a good listener, a sweet kid and so fun to be around.  We love our Jack Man!

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