Doctor Check-Ups and Charlie's 1st Dentist Visit

Jack and Charlie had their annual check-up with the pediatrician in mid-September.  The doctor started with Jack and asked him a bunch of questions after which he said "he would've done just fine starting kindergarten this year, huh?"  I concurred.  His check-up went fine, except that he had to get several shots (DTaP, MMR, Polio and Varicella) to prepare him for school next year.  We talked about being brave, but he freaked out when it was time.  I had to hold him down while two nurses gave him simultaneous shots in either arm.  Poor little man.
Jack's eye test - he passed
Charlie was really shy with the doctor, so I had to answer most of the questions for him.  Other than that, his check-up went great, and no shots for this lucky guy!

Here are their stats: 
Jack at 5 years old: 3' 10" (94.7%) and 49 lbs (89.9%)
Charlie at 3 years old: 3' 2.25" (71.5%) and 34 lbs (73.9%)

In October Jack had his semi-annual dentist check-up and this time Charlie got to participate as well.  Both of them did really great this time.  Jack went first and set a fine example for Charlie on how to lie still and let Grandma clean his teeth.  Then when the dentist came in Jack cooperated for him too (this was actually the first time he behaved so well for Dr. Niesen).

Then it was Charlie's turn and he was a total trooper.

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Joanna said...

Looks like you had a full day of fun and hardships, your children looked like they had the time of their life thanks to the sunglasses and all the support material. You must be very blessed to have such amazing boys, my husband and I have 2 kids and both are big and out of the house, times change, thanks.

Joanna @ Westheimer Dentist