Countdown to Jack's 5th Birthday

We continued our birthday balloon countdown tradition in the 10 days leading up to Jack's 5th birthday.  The boys love the suspense and can't wait to pop their balloon each night.

The first balloon had $10 to spend at the toy store

Ice cream night!

Jack & I like to draw treasure maps for each other; one night this was in his balloon leading to his surprise
Here were the contents of his balloons this year:
#10 - $10 to spend at the toy store.  He shared his money with his brother and picked out some Legos
#9 - New movie - The Lego Movie
#8 - Scavenger Hunt (I found these pre-made scavenger hunts that are so fun!), which led to a Blues hat in the clothes dryer
#7 - Candy & a special treat: he got to sleep in Mommy & Daddy's room that night!
#6 - Follow the map to Star Wars t-shirt
#5 - Design cards for his Wedgits
#4 - He got to pick ice cream or sno cones (he picked ice cream)
#3 - Magic Ink coloring book
#2 - Candy (this was birthday party day)
#1 - A new Lego Star Wars set

We also did the annual birthday interview, which I love:
And here are the printed versions, which I framed for his party:

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