Charlie's 3rd Birthday

So, our little man turned 3 on September 9th.  Daddy had to work, so we planned a fun day with Grandma Lang instead.  We decided to visit three different parks for our three year-old.

Our first stop was Faust Park in Chesterfield.  We played on the playground for awhile, then took a few rides on the Carousel.

The we piled in the car and headed to our second stop: Millennium Park in Creve Coeur.

 Then we had a quick lunch at McAlister's.
 Then we headed to our final park: Stacy Park in Olivette (where I didn't take any pictures).  I'd say the birthday boy had a good morning, judging by the nap he took that day:
After we went to Jack's soccer practice, we had a quick gathering with our families.  Charlie got to open some presents and we had a Dairy Queen ice cream cake.  Yum!

Charlie at 3 years:
This guy is so silly.  He loves to make us laugh and says the funniest things.  He's our snuggle bug - he loves to give us hugs and kisses.  He's also Mr. Chatty Cathy - this kid will talk your ear off!  He has a very large vocabulary, but he's still working on his pronunciation on several sounds (i.e. "K" sounds like "T", "L" sounds like "W" and "J" and "G" sound like "D").  He calls himself "Tarwie" and calls his brother "Dat."  I know he'll grow out of this soon, so I'm enjoying it while I can!  One of my favorite words to hear Charlie say is before since he pronounces is "fefore."  I secretly hope he never outgrows that one.

This guy still loves all things sports.  He loves to play baseball, soccer, basketball and hockey.  He's still not really into his loveys and chooses instead to sleep with a different ball, bat, hockey stick or other random sports object each night.

He's a great sleeper and pretty much falls asleep the second his head hits the pillow (which is why he didn't have an answer in his interview for "What do you think about before you fall asleep?"  I figure he was thinking "Wait? Who thinks before they fall asleep?").

Charlie loves his big brother and likes to do anything Jack does.  He likes watching Paw Patrol on TV and Word World on his Leap Frog, but he gets bored after about one episode (vs Jack who would zone out in front of the tv all day if we let him).

Happy birthday to our sweet little Char Man!!

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