Charlie's 3rd Birthday Countdown

This year Charlie got his first balloon countdown leading up to his birthday.  He was just as excited as Jack was to pop his balloon each night!

Here's what was in his balloons this year (pretty similar to Jack's; fair and square):
#10 - Candy & sleep in Mommy & Daddy's bed
#9 - Blues hat (he was so excited to have one just like Jack's!)

#8 - Map leading him to a new Paw Patrol toy

#7 - Ice cream or sno cone (he picked ice cream like his brother)
#6 - Money for the toy store.  He too decided to share with his brother.  When we walked into Toys R Us he immediately picked up a hula hoop and walked around the store with it.  He was absolutely sure that's what he wanted.  At the last minute he picked out a Playmobil set instead.  Wise choice. :)
#5 - Invisible ink coloring book hiding under his bed
#4 - New Diggers and Dozers DVD
#3 - Scavenger hunt to find a new Play-Doh set
#2 - Pez candy
#1 - His new Charlie-sized washers set, made by Daddy

Jack had soccer practice on Charlie's birthday, so he got to try out his birthday present while Jack practiced.  Notice that Charlie insists on wearing his soccer shoes when we go watch Jack play.  Too cute.
We also did his first birthday interview.  He had fun, and I love capturing his little voice and his pronunciation of certain words, that I know will go away way too soon...
(my phone rang mid-interview and the video stopped, so we have a part 2):
I love that in the beginning of the first video I thought he said his nickname was Licorice, which I thought was very odd and out of the blue.  It wasn't until a week or so later (and after I created the file below) that I realized he actually said Nicholas (his middle name).  Mommy brain fail.

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