Neighborhood Olympics

As I've mentioned many times before, we have a great group of friends in our neighborhood.  There are 6 families with whom we spend the majority of our time.  We love the grown-ups and our kids love the kids.  Win-win.  Jason's sister Cyndi has a similar dynamic in their neighborhood, which happens to be a mile away from ours.  We've planned a few things to get the two groups together (for example a girls night last winter at Painting with a Twist):
We wanted to kick it up a notch, so Greg had a brilliant idea.  Our neighbors Curtis and Kim do an annual Family Olympics with his extended family, so we decided to steal that idea and plan our own Olympics: our neighborhood vs theirs.  Melissa and I took control and got it all planned and we are so glad we did!

Our events were: volleyball, relay race (think wheelbarrow race, 3-legged race, piggyback, etc), washers and buckets (sort of like beer pong but with 5 gallon buckets of water and small basketballs).

Each neighborhood got into it and got t-shirts made, which were so cute!  We purchased a perpetual trophy so we can get the winning neighborhood engraved each year (because this WILL be an annual event), and we decided to keep score by awarding medals to the winner of each event.

I will let the pictures depict how much fun we all had... 
The Good Guys
The Good Guys being photo bombed... 
The Bad Guys

I'm disappointed to report that we lost by only a few medals.  We are ready to start planning our rematch and will be starting weekly training sessions as soon as the weather allows. :)

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