Charlie's 3rd Birthday Party

Charlie didn't really have any specific requests for his birthday party theme this year, so we went with his passion: sports.  We had the typical neighborhood friends and the grandparents and in-town aunt/uncle/cousins.
I didn't do a lot of decorating, but had these paper lanterns and made a banner like Jack's (thanks again for the template, Rebecca!).

I made 4 small cakes so as not to discriminate sports:
 And we just gave away these cookies to the kids as favors: 
 I got Charlie a cute sports shirt from Etsy with his name on it like I do for every birthday party.  BUT, he opened his gift from Steve and Shea when they got there since they couldn't stay long, and it was this cool new TJ Oshie Blues shirt.  Of course he was thrilled at had to put it on immediately!  Oh well, it's still sports, right??  And he looked awful darn cute in it...

 Friends patiently waiting for Char to open gifts:
Ethan, Addi, Hayden, Lily, Reghan and Zoey

At Jack's soccer game earlier in the morning, Grandpa was teasing Charlie that he was probably going to get grapes for his birthday, so then he followed through and wrapped up a box of grapes.  Charlie got a kick out of it.

Shy face while everyone was singing

Had a little difficulty with the video camera...
Another fun party in the books!

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