Swimming with the Cousins

This summer we spent lots and lots of time at the neighborhood pool.  For many weeks in a row, we went every Sunday after naps to the pool for a few hours with Aunt Cyndi, Uncle Todd, Paige, Mia and Lily (or some combination of them), then home to our house for dinner.  We barely went to the pool the year before, so we were so glad to get so much use out of it this year!  It was a great time, and the boys loved it.  Both boys started out the summer a little nervous in the water, but by the end they were swimming all around on their own (with their life vests).  Charlie got especially brave and loved jumping off the side (videos below); Jack still makes every effort not to get his face wet.
Charlie sported these goggles any time he jumped in.  He looked so stinking cute in them, with his eyes all scrunched up.

After one pool visit we ended up with a slumber party at our house.  Charlie zonked out during the movie and then everyone else ended up sleeping in our bedroom.

Hopefully next summer we can swim just as much - we had such a great time!

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